Carpet Cleaning Aroona


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If you’re looking for an affordable carpet cleaner or Pest Controller in the Aroona area look no further than Luke’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control. We are a locally owned business who prides ourselves on the quality of our work and customer satisfaction and are qualified to perform a range of services.

Luke’s provides non-toxic fast dry carpet cleaning services Aroona and surrounding areas.

We know how important product safety is to you and your family. That’s why our primary company objective is to use only the highest quality, safe and reliable products in cleaning your carpets and home rugs. To ensure that we continue to deliver on our promise, all products we use:

  • Are biodegradable, contain no toxic, hazardous, or regulated chemicals.
  • Contain no volatile organics, nor any harmful indoor or outdoor environmental pollutants.
  • Have never contained heavy metals.
  • Produce no toxic by-products in the cleaning process.


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